In Secondary Sex Characteristics, Caitlin Berrigan lovingly inscribes the flecks, curls, and tangles of her subjects’ chest and nipple hair. The ink on vellum drawings lingers perversely within notions of the secondary, the trivial, and the liminal.

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The edible dress:

This boutique created in collaboration with Delphine Bacri, “À la peau confite,” featured a five-foot marzipan tampon, erotic chocolate life cast from the artist, a prosciutto dress sold by the slice off the body of a performer, and cakes modelled after the amputated breasts of Saint Agatha. The works humorously literalize consumer culture’s cannibalistic drive to devour the female body in media images.

Food In Art
You’ll discover depictions of food on the walls peoples houses, of restaurants and in hotels, today. We don’t necessarily believe they nourish us such as the Egyptians did, by having paintings of food, but we do find something attractive, reassuring nearly. During the Renaissance period, still-life items were incorporated into paintings with religious topics. Detail and realism were prized, and in the fifteenth century, because interest in spiritual paintings waned, daily objects such as vases of flowers became. Therefore objects were studied and represented, and there has been interested in evaluation by artists in their realistic type. In the food’s frontier painting motion was marketplace paintings and the realists whose kitchen featured displays of food fare on tables and counters.

The painting above is among the several paintings made showing banquets for patrons. French artist Paul Cezanne is recognized for his many paintings of fruit. The still life genre was adopted by him, and his life examples are seen as a mix of conventional and modern traditional since fruits and the vegetables are simple to recognize, but contemporary since they’re supposed to be items, not representations. Cezannes work entitled Still Life with Fruit Basket is a decent instance of a stylized representation of meals in art. This spectacular tableau consisting of a little wooden table draped in white fabric that supports a basket containing a number of apples and pears.

Probably the most important modern elements in this painting is the fruits basket seems sit both on this table AND on this floor behind it. Impressionist painter Vincent Van Gogh added his own particular style to this genre of still life paintings. His series of sunflower paintings is well known, but in addition, he produced many paintings which included food, similar to this one below. Other famous meals paintings by Van Gogh were Still Life with quince along with Lemons along with Still Life with Carafe along with Lemons.