‘Spectrum of Inevitable Violence’ is a choreography in quiet paranoia that explodes into irreverence and revolt. This installation and public performance invites participants to survey and analyze their class background across four categories of power: Socioeconomic Status, Cultural Capital, Class Status, and Social Mobility. The resulting scores are mapped onto a four quadrant stage that serves as territory to defend in a dynamic confrontation—with food as ammunition.

For the deCordova 2012 Biennial, the event was a spatial, one-night experience with approximately 100 participants, 30 volunteers, 5 Mariachi musicians and 1 pig.

This public battle invites open dialogue about subjects we mostly keep to ourselves: how class and social mobility permeate our culture, interpersonal relationships and careers. The elaborate survey asks boldly intimate questions about an individual’s family income, education, eating & exercising habits, travel, unpaid internships, etc. The questions initiate reflection on the complex networks that inform how we see ourselves and how others see us; how honest we are with ourselves about social class; how anxious we are to position ourselves relative to others.

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Commissioned for the 2012 Biennial of the deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park. With the participation of the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts.

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Caitlin Berrigan, Philip Cartelli

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Liam Carleton / Eric Gottesman / Meredith Jenks / Derin Korman / deCordova Museum

Spectrum of Inevitable Violence