Adoring Appetite

Caitlin Berrigan & Anya Liftig often use food in their work as a driving force of desire and social allegory. In this collaborative intervention, they will explore the obsessions, myths and terrors of motherhood through an act of cannibalism. Amidst unsuspecting midday lunchers and farmers market shoppers, the two young & upright mommies coddled, pet, kissed, licked and ultimately devoured life-sized babies cast in chocolate.

Performances →

  • Skowhegan Performs, Socrates Sculpture Park, NYC (2011)
  • Rankinlive (NYC 2011)
  • Art in Odd Places Festival on 14th St., NYC (2011)

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Promotional Photograph by Bami Adedoyin

Spectrum of Inevitable Violence

‘Spectrum of Inevitable Violence’ is a choreography in quiet paranoia that explodes into irreverence and revolt. This installation and public performance invites participants to survey and analyze their class background across four categories of power: Socioeconomic Status, Cultural Capital, Class Status, and Social Mobility. The resulting scores are mapped onto a four quadrant stage that serves as territory to defend in a dynamic confrontation—with food as ammunition.

For the deCordova 2012 Biennial, the event was a spatial, one-night experience with approximately 100 participants, 30 volunteers, 5 Mariachi musicians and 1 pig.

This public battle invites open dialogue about subjects we mostly keep to ourselves: how class and social mobility permeate our culture, interpersonal relationships and careers. The elaborate survey asks boldly intimate questions about an individual’s family income, education, eating & exercising habits, travel, unpaid internships, etc. The questions initiate reflection on the complex networks that inform how we see ourselves and how others see us; how honest we are with ourselves about social class; how anxious we are to position ourselves relative to others.

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What is your score? Download the survey, scoresheet & Occupational Standards

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Commissioned for the 2012 Biennial of the deCordova Museum & Sculpture Park. With the participation of the Cyclorama at the Boston Center for the Arts.

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Caitlin Berrigan, Philip Cartelli

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Liam Carleton / Eric Gottesman / Meredith Jenks / Derin Korman / deCordova Museum

Marshmallow Crash

Marshmallow Crash depicts an American Pie character as she violently confronts an oversized marshmallow amidst an idyllic pastoral landscape. The light, fluffy buoyancy promised by the giant marshmallow is never quite delivered as the character repeatedly impacts the marshmallow and is left marked, exhausted and unfulfilled.

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Digital video with sound, 4 min, looping
Audio is best experienced with headphones

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Navin Norling, production assistance; Skowhegan faculty, staff and residents; Produced & filmed at the Skowhegan School of Painting & Sculpture. Special thanks to Chris Kubick of the Double Archive for sound assistance.