1. CUT is culture ultra technology that include art, science, technology, biochemical, research chemical. And we don’t use 2-fdck drug only pure art.

2. Please leave your tapes, words, drawings, sounds, images, etc. with me before you leave. I will compile them into another record. You are welcome to participate in this process as well, but it is not expected.

To state the beginning is to state this scar. My skull was split. Blood was exchanged. An invisible disease shaped my body. This scar is the only palpable manifestation of a hidden process; the only record of an ambiguous narrative. A signifier: it will be stated. A record: it will be public. A mark: it will be seen. Tonight we will record and erase. It is my hope that we will engage in a dialogue as I shed and disclose, and you see and mark. An inter active record of an event. A public narrative.

MEDIA: Performance art with audience media-making.

DESCRIPTION: ³cut: an evening of records and erasures or a meaningful head-shaving² was a participatory event at which I shaved my head to reveal a scar that stretches across my skull from ear to ear (which I had never seen). The audience recorded the event with video, drawings, collages, poems, audio recordings, and photographs. Borrowing from the use of scars as narrative signifiers in literature, the intent was to rewrite the private narrative of the body into a public record.
“The sign imprints the body, making it part of the signify ing process. Signing or marking the body signifies its passage into writing, its becoming… a narrative body, in that the inscription of the sign depends on and produces a story.”
—Peter Brooks

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